Welcome to Technical Designs & Developments Inc.

Our team of highly experienced and skilled machinists, in-house engineers and programmers  strive to work closely with our customers providing them with accurate, aesthetically pleasing parts for a reasonable cost.

Our machining centers are set-up in millimeters for accuracy. We have a full range of Metric and Standard drills, end mills, and taps. We work from Metric and Standard drawings, and maintain both types of measuring tools.

We have a Quality Assurance Program in place along with backup documentation. Although we are set-up for production runs, we can provide quick 'turn around' on prototyping and small quantities when required.

Forward drawings and/or cad files to us (tdd-inc@shaw.ca) and allow us to propose new, unique solutions to your challenging production needs.

We are now Lisenced GunSmithes and Importers of Broughton Rifle Barrels


  E-Mail: tdd-inc@shaw.ca                                Last Updated June 11, 2017
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